November 29, 2011

Why people choose Acuvue contact lenses

If a person has eye health problems, and enters a contact lens shop, the first thing this person looks at is the inscription on the box. From a lot of possibilities the choice will probably be Acuvue.

This brand is one of the world’s most known and most respected brands. It can be found in many countries and people like it, because when they are buying a product, they know that they do not have to be worried about the quality.But why do people like these lenses? Acuvue lenses are soft lenses, providing a good fit on the eye, and they are very comfortable. They are not designed for longer use, but in short term, they are the perfect contacts to choose.

For example if you want to buy daily contacts, the best choice would be the 1-Day Acuvue or Moist disposable lenses. These lenses are the best way to start a day. Every day pair of clean, good quality lenses makes your morning full with sunshine. And they are also cheap. What else would anybody need?

The most commonly used lenses are the simple Acuvue lenses and the Acuvue 2 lenses. These lenses contain and are made of gas permeable material. They are also from soft material, so they give you the best fit and because they are replaced frequently, mostly every week, they are healthier than many other lenses. These are older lenses, but still very popular.

When word comes about colors, Acuvue brand brings probably the best. The Acuvue 2 Colors Enhancers and the Acuvue 2 Colors Opaque lenses bring many colors to fit with anybodies needs. There is aquamarine, ocean blue, and emerald green to enhance light eyes, and another seven colors for change any kind of eye color.

If you have a dry eye, the contact lenses you need are the Acuvue Advance lenses. These lenses are with Hydraclear. This means that the surface of the lens is covered with a moisture rich element that gives a unique feel for the wearer. 

There are some people, who do not see near, but close neither. For them the solution is the Acuvue Bifocal contact lens. These lenses contain two parts. The interior is for near vision, and the exterior for far vision. They possess all the qualities of the other lenses, so they are your friends, if you have bad eyes.

Let’s presume that you are working in a dry environment, and have to wear protective glasses. Your eyes get dry very quick and this is everything, but not good for your eyes. Don’t worry. Here is the solution. Acuvue Oasys lenses are designed for those who stay a longer time in dry environment, stay a lot in front of a computer, or people whose eyes get tired fast.

Ah, yes. We forgot the ones who suffer from astigmatism. This is a common eye problem. This defect of the eye presents itself in a blurry vision and it means that the incoming rays do not meet in the same focus point in the eye. Acuvue has a solution for this problem, too. Acuvue Advance for Astigmatism and Acuvue Oasys for Astigmatism lenses were made for people with this problem.

Everybody can see now, why people are led by the name. It’s because the name comes with quality. So if you want to buy a contact lens, read the name on the box.


Why You Can’t Lose Weight?

lose weightMany of weight loss enthusiasts often get frustrated that even after regular dieting and some weight loss exercises, they are not losing weight as per their expectation. The reasons may be several, but in this article, we shall discuss about the common causes of not losing weight even after trying hard.

1. The first cause may be that you are having snacks more often. You may be not hungry, but the sight or thought of snacks compel you to open a pack of potato chips or chocolate. Drinking plenty of water after meal can overcome this condition

2. You may be going to late night parties more often. The metabolic system of your body slows down in the wee hours of night. If you eat late, the foods you had taken get little time to digest properly and stored as fat in the body parts.

3. Metabolism in the aged people also slows down. It is quite natural to gain some weight after you reach 35 years of age. Fat gets deposited in the abdomen, thighs and hips. Taking low fat dairy products, foods that contain less fat and oil, regular exercise can be of help.

4. You are not counting the portion sizes. The foods may be right, but the portion size you are taking is larger. While dining in a restaurant, ask the waiter about the portion size. You can divide a single dish among your family and if you are eating alone, pack the portion you cannot eat. While cooking at home, roughly calculate the total amount that would suffice your entire family member.

5. If your resting metabolic rate is low compared to others, your body will burn less fat even you exercise for longer duration. It is a genetic phenomenon and you cannot control it. Only thing you can do is to cut down the amount of food you eat.

6. Female are more prone to gain weight faster than their male counterpart. Blame to the female hormone. Fat is deposited around the thighs and bums. Men has more muscle mass than female and it helps in burning fat effectively than female.

7. If you do not like to exercise, you cannot lose weight. Proper dieting and adequate exercise, both are needed for effective weight loss. Skip any of them and you are a loser.

8. Proper exercise schedule is mandatory. If you do not exercise whole of the week and do it on the whole Sunday, it will not be of any help. Rather, it will make you exhausted. You should work out three times a week for better result.

9. Do not skip your breakfast. If you do so, you would surely feel hungry till you have time for lunch. And you will continue to take snacks in between which are, of course, full of saturated fat.

10. You may be much stressed out. In this condition, your body produces a hormone called ‘Cortisol’. Cortisol is notorious to produce more hunger.

11. You may be suffering from some diseases like hypothyroidism or cushing’s syndrome. In these conditions, people get flabbier.

12. If you are taking some drugs like antidepressants or on oral contraceptive pill, you may gain weight.

These are in a nutshell why you are losing enough pounds even when you are trying hard. The list is not exhaustive, but includes most of the common causes.

Why Slim Women Attract More Men’s Attention?

slim womenSince the days of Cleopatra, men are just crazy about slim women. It is not that flabby girls are not pretty, but some factors do affect men in taking the decision to go for the slimmer version of the opposite sex. There is no clear cut earmark for the weight. It varies from men to men according to their choice.

Women have to realize that the days of Platonic love are over. Physical attraction plays a major role in choosing partners. As women like their partner should have good physique, men also like to get slim women as their companion. Scientist have recently discovered that love, affection, physical attraction – all these are nothing but results of some complex chemical reactions in our brain.

Just think, which configuration attracts you more – 34-24-34 or 40-36-40? You will get the answer. A slim woman possesses better configuration in all parts of her body. Her breasts, hips and bums are in perfect shape to be cared by men. They will long for the slimmer choice.

Men will fool themselves to anticipate the age of a slim woman. As we grow older, we tend to get flabby due to deposition of fat in different parts of our body. Hormonal imbalance is to be blamed for this change in appearance. Less physical activity also plays some role in becoming fat. If a woman maintains her physique in good shape, she can easily disguise the increasing age.

It is generally seen that a slim woman possesses more self confidence. Men love a woman who will take care of their daily activities. Although men will never vouch to surface this, they love a woman who is defending them in case of deviation from the normal course. Firm character of a woman definitely helps to win over this situation.

Slim women are usually more energetic. They work much faster than a chubby woman can do. They can cook faster, walk at par with their companion while going for a mountain trek or can swim in deep sea. This quick responsiveness is also another factor of attention for the slim women. They also do not get sick easily. Any woman, who is continuously nagging about her health, will definitely distract men.

Perhaps the best reason for ‘why slim women attract more men’s attention’ is the sexual attraction. A slim woman tends to be more active in bed. They are able to go for the positions what flabby women can never think of. And as it was said earlier, physical attraction is one of the major issues for men to select their partners; a slimmer woman will always get better attention from the male counterparts.

One last note, physical attraction is not all. Men can lust for a supermodel, but very few of them will agree to continue a long relationship with them. A slim waist can attract a man for a single time, but in the long run true beauty is a proper conglomeration of good physique along with brain. A true magnificence comes from within.

Why Normal Body Weight Is So Important For Lifetime?

normal body weightOverweight is a global problem. There are more than 800 million overweight people living across the world of which 20% are so morbidly obese that they need someone’s assistance to live a normal life. For those people who are either obese or overweight, losing weight matters more than just correction of appearance. A flabby person much above his/her normal body weight will definitely develop some diseases in any part of their lifetime, they will have downright low self-esteem. They will try to escape from the society and family gathering. They will not bear the full potentiality to live to the fullest. Here we shall discuss why normal body weight is so essential for throughout your life.

Health problems: – obese and overweight people will develop several health problems as the day progresses. Diabetes and cardiac diseases are closely related to increased body weight. Obese people bear more fat and this will lead to deposition of tiny fatty streaks inside the blood vessels. This will in turn lead to heart attack. Obesity is a proven risk factor for diabetes. Besides these two, overweight people will have brittle bones and this can lead to arthritis. Liver diseases, constipation, frequent attack of cough and cold due to low immunity, stone in gall bladder and cancer – these are some common but dangerous diseases that are associated with obesity.

Low self-esteem: – this world worships the beauty. And if you are flabby enough, you will not be recognized as a good-looking person. Although, this is not absolutely necessary, obese persons frequently count themselves among the herd of failures.

Social phobia: – due to the same reason mentioned above, obese people refrain themselves from any kind of gathering; be it family congregation or any other social assembly. Obese person does not find his size of cloths or boots easily in the stores. They require extra spaces in restaurants or public transports. Even some airlines charge extra after a certain limit of body weight. All these make them appalling from the society.

Many suicidal attempts have been tried by the flabby person. The reasons were only to get rid of from the ugly look that they bear in their mind. Human resource managers and other activists are trying hard to bring the obese people in the mainstream of the society. But how this can being rooted out from the society is still unsettled.

Can’t live to the fullest of life: – an obese patient cannot live to the fullest like a normal person does. They cannot run; cannot walk past a staircase; let alone walking on a hilly area. The thoughts of weight always come to their mind and become an obstacle to free thinking. You cannot play with your kids, not even sit on a couch that is just right for everybody.

Nobody wants these problems in his life. If you want your life is peaceful and at par with any other healthy man, you need to take some actions that will help you to remain fit all throughout your life.

Why are we so overweight?

overweightI suppose the easiest answer is fast food, but the problem extends out to so much more. Yes, the prevalence of fast food restaurants certainly doesn’t help. As Morgan Spurlock showed us with painful reality in his movie, “Super Size Me”, fast food menus offer us a heaping helping of fat, cholesterol, and calories. I highly recommend watching this movie if you find yourself addicted to McDonald’s – you could very well change your mind after you see it! At any rate, many of these restaurants are now offering health-conscious choices including salads, potatoes instead of French fries, yogurt, and grilled meats instead of fried meats. So with these items now included on their menu, why aren’t we losing weight? The answer lies within our choices. Those choices extend to home life as well. Many people live horridly busy lifestyles, and they more often than not opt for pre-packaged foods that contain high amounts of salt, fat, and other unhealthy components that contribute toward weight gain. We tend to maintain a mostly sedentary lifestyle choosing to watch a favorite television program after dinner rather than going out for a walk like they used to do decades ago.

This type of life style unfortunately is being learned by our children as well. When I was young, we couldn’t wait to get through dinner so we could go outside and play a game of kick the can as the sun went down. We rode our bikes everywhere and only watched television when “The Brady Bunch” or “The Partridge Family” was on. Hey, we had our priorities! Today, you’re more likely to find kids on the computer or in front of the TV with a video game controller in their hands. Kids know more about the story line on Desperate Housewives than many of their housewife mothers. They can tell you about all of the new products being offered through commercials they see in between their programs. In fact, the average child these days will watch more than 15 hours of television each and every week. Now, we’re not saying television is BAD. In fact, some programs can be beneficial and even helpful in making kids smarter. What we’re saying is that kids need to get outside more instead of sitting in front of the TV eating Cheetos and drinking sugar rich soda. The statistics are showing this to be true. Fifteen percent of all children and teens are overweight – a number that has tripled since a previous study done in 1980.

Some people blame their excessive weight gain on slow metabolisms. In some cases, this might actually be true. However, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) has confirmed what no one really wants to face: we’re overweight because we simply eat too much of the wrong foods. Losing weight is actually quite simple – eat less, exercise more. But we’re resistant to that message. Mainly, it’s because we’re looking for a quick fix – an easy, painless way to drop pounds without sacrifice. After all, losing weight just CAN’T be that easy, now can it? No, it isn’t. You have to consider portion control, food choice, exercise, how much exercise, what kind of exercise, etc. But worrying about all of the specifics will do you little good. You need to get the big picture in mind first before worrying about the specifics. What you want to do is lose those extra pounds. And there are many, many ways to go about that. But before you wait around for the next miracle diet, try some of the tried and true methods we’ll show you. It’s not as monumental as you think it is!

Why do you think overweight children come from families with parents who are also overweight?

In a way it is endorsement to the children that their eating habits and lifestyle habits are acceptable. Just like any of us what better role models than your parents. If they snack and eat unhealthily then the children will as well. However having said this, there are other considerations to take into account. For example there is some tentative evidence that people who are obese are genetically pre-disposed to it. So if this were the case, these families may have an underlying reason for their weight problems. This does not necessarily mean that there is nothing that they can do to lose weight. Families who may have these genes who eat eat wisely and exercise will be showing their children how to eat, how much fun it is to exercise, and can maintain normal weights. So while genes don’t excuse bad lifestyle choices, it may be a reason why they are more likely to become overweight.