June 17, 2011

Herbal Diet Pills – The Safest Way to Lose Weight

In this jet paced society, everybody is looking for easier and faster action. It seems that there is a pill for every occasion. Weight loss pills are no different. You will find weight loss pills in variety of forms if you explore the internet or the nearest medical shop. But most of these pills are made from harmful synthetic ingredients like ephedra. They can jeopardize your natural system of metabolism. All natural herbal diet pills are good in that way. They will not cause any damage to your body, yet they are powerful enough to help you in shedding those extra fats.

More than 120 million people around the world are overweight. 25% of this population is so much obese that they need someone’s assistance to lead their normal life. It is estimated that 15% of the children in the Unites States also suffer from obesity. Child obesity is posing a great threat to the society. Obesity carries a great risk factor for many diseases – high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, high cholesterol level in the blood, heart attack and cerebral stroke. Maintaining one’s body weight to normal level can keep all these diseases at bay.

Herbal diet pills are made from natural herbs having medicinal properties. They are tried and tested in traditional systems of medicine in many countries around the world. Most of the herbal diet pills are a combination of several herbal ingredients. They act by three ways to our system. Firstly, some of the medicines will suppress our appetite. Secondly, some ingredients prevent absorption of fat from the intestine itself. Thirdly, they will push up the normal fat burning system of our body.

If our appetite is suppressed, we will consume fewer amounts of calories. As fewer calories are available to our system, there will not be storage of calories in the form of fat. Some herbs prevent absorption of fat from the intestinal brush borders. They combine with the fat and carry the fat molecule to the lower down of our GI system, to be evacuated through stool. Some medications potentiate the calorie burning system of our body. Although, burning of all the nutrients are augmented, fat burning occurs maximum. This is because fat carries maximum amount of energy (almost twice to the amount of carbohydrate and protein) and our body tries to get rid of this omen first.

All the ingredients are made into either powder form or extract is taken to prepare the herbal diet pill. Such pills can be found over the counter. It is not necessary for all the ingredients to be safe for everybody. Even though the side effects of herbal medicines are fewer, some side effects can be deleterious to a particular group of people. Therefore, you must consult your doctor before taking any herbal diet pill.

There are many weight loss regimens available in the market. But the herbal diet pill is, by far, the most convenient and safest way to lose weight.

Weight loss pills

In these modern days, every problem has its own ‘pill’. If we want to lose some weight, there are weight loss pills also. The temptation of losing weight through pills is simply irresistible. But do they really work? Can we lose weight only taking some pills after continuing our regular lifestyle? Well, the answer is yes. You can definitely lose weight by taking weight loss pills.

In a study, it was found that in the US alone, more than 100 Million people are undergoing some kind of weight loss regimen. As you have landed into this page, many others have already inclined to the easiest and one of the safest weight loss programs – shedding some calorie through weight loss pills.

The best way to choose a weight loss pill is to look into the compositions. They should be all natural products and have no or less side-effects. An ideal weight loss pill should suppress appetite and provide the required amount of nutrition.

Most of the weight loss pills are a concoction of different kinds of medicinal herbs, vitamins, minerals and additives like diuretics and laxatives. Chitosan is the commonest preparation used. It blocks the absorption of dietary fat and helps into excretion through stool. But in the long run, Chitosan can cause constipation. Ephedra, the habit forming drug, is another popular ingredient. It decreases appetite through down regulating the appetite center in the central nervous system. But it has enough side effects like high blood pressure, irregular heart rate, heart attacks, and seizures. Therefore, Ephedra has been banned in most of the countries throughout the world. Green tea extract,which is used in the weight loss pills potentiates fat metabolism in our body in different organs. It also reduces appetite much in the same way ephedra does. An essential fatty acid – Linoleic acid is used in most of the weight loss pills. It unfolds the polyunsaturated fatty acids to monounsaturated fatty acid. The later component is beneficial for eliminating cholesterol from our body. Linoleic acid also helps in building muscles. Licorice, although potentially safe, is another popular ingredient for weight loss pills. It can cause constipation as well.

Many manufacturers prepare a weight loss pill depending upon evidence based medicines. They set the quantity of the ingredient according to their choice. These ingredients are – bitter orange, bean pod, chromium, carraluma, chromium, DHEA, Glucomannan, guggulu, soy protein, magnolia etc.

But there is much scam in this segment. Since October 22, 2008, the United States Food and Drug Association have blacklisted 69 different weight loss pills available in the market. They have issued notices to the consumers to take these preparations at their own risk owing to the potential health related problems. Drug analysis showed that these tainted medications contain Rimonabant (a weight loss preparation not approved by FDA), Bumetanide (a compound to produce more urine), phenytoin (an anti-epileptic medicine) and Phenolphthalein (potentially cancer causing drug).

You have to remember that weight loss pills are no shortcut. You must allow considerable time to notice a change. Any comprehensive weight loss program should advocate some amount of exercises. Otherwise, you will lose weight initially. But just after a couple of years, you will return from where you have started.