August 26, 2011

What is Your Ideal Weight and How to Maintain It

ideal foodHealth is wealth and maintaining health is the sole responsibility of yours. But you are free to eat whatever your tongue likes. The onus lies upon you whether you want or don’t want to become flabby like Hardy (in the famous comic character) or become somebody having a stout figure. Maintaining an ideal weight not only gives you a better shape, but a healthy people is always at a distance from some grave diseases like diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure, heart attack and stroke. Around the world, more than 800 million people are so obese, that they need someone’s assistance to live a daily life. Now you have to choose whether you want to get your ideal weight or not.

Talking about ideal weight brings the discussion of your height. This is the key to get the ideal weight. As height is different in various ethnic groups, ideal weight also varies from country to country. Ideal weight is not the same for an African man to a Chinese man. Again ideal height is different in between sexes. Ideal weight of a male American will be different from a female from the same country. Therefore, ideal weight has to be calculated in a scale depending upon the ethnic group and the sex.

Getting your ideal weight is difficult, but maintaining it is more so. You have to do a lot of exercises and diet control to reach the ideal weight respective of your height. As you attain the level, the hitch that negatively affects the enduring process is dedication. It is quite obvious to come when you don’t have a goal. But losing your morale will not do. You have to be very careful at this stage. You have to carry on diet control (I am not saying to cut down those foods you like, you can have them occasionally) and the exercise also. As we grow older, the strength of our muscles weakens. This is more understandable over our abdominal and hip muscles. The tone of the muscles becomes lose and we can have pot belly. Fat accumulation over this area makes the scenario more disgusting. Therefore, you have to continue exercises dedicated to abdomen and hips.

Next come the muscles of the chest. Gentle work out with the weight will suffice. Our intention will be keep the muscles in their proper tone and shape. We cannot do any good to the sagging breasts, but proper toning of pectoral muscles will definitely lift the breast. Doing regular exercises will tone up muscles from all over your body.

Try to calculate daily calorie intake and the amount you are burning. Although it is difficult to estimate these in true sense, you must make out an approximate amount. Your diet should be full of green leafy vegetables and whole grain cereals. Try to incorporate as much fiber as you can in your diet. It will help in lowering cholesterol. Occasional ice-creams, chocolates, burgers will not bring harm, but be careful to skip it in your everyday diet.

In this fast paced world we tend to depend upon fast foods that are, I am afraid to say, not healthy. You have to maintain your ideal weight to become hale and hearty.