November 29, 2011

Herbal Diet Pills – The Safest Way to Lose Weight

In this jet paced society, everybody is looking for easier and faster action. It seems that there is a pill for every occasion. Weight loss pills are no different. You will find weight loss pills in variety of forms if you explore the internet or the nearest medical shop. But most of these pills are made from harmful synthetic ingredients like ephedra. They can jeopardize your natural system of metabolism. All natural herbal diet pills are good in that way. They will not cause any damage to your body, yet they are powerful enough to help you in shedding those extra fats.

More than 120 million people around the world are overweight. 25% of this population is so much obese that they need someone’s assistance to lead their normal life. It is estimated that 15% of the children in the Unites States also suffer from obesity. Child obesity is posing a great threat to the society. Obesity carries a great risk factor for many diseases – high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, high cholesterol level in the blood, heart attack and cerebral stroke. Maintaining one’s body weight to normal level can keep all these diseases at bay.

Herbal diet pills are made from natural herbs having medicinal properties. They are tried and tested in traditional systems of medicine in many countries around the world. Most of the herbal diet pills are a combination of several herbal ingredients. They act by three ways to our system. Firstly, some of the medicines will suppress our appetite. Secondly, some ingredients prevent absorption of fat from the intestine itself. Thirdly, they will push up the normal fat burning system of our body.

If our appetite is suppressed, we will consume fewer amounts of calories. As fewer calories are available to our system, there will not be storage of calories in the form of fat. Some herbs prevent absorption of fat from the intestinal brush borders. They combine with the fat and carry the fat molecule to the lower down of our GI system, to be evacuated through stool. Some medications potentiate the calorie burning system of our body. Although, burning of all the nutrients are augmented, fat burning occurs maximum. This is because fat carries maximum amount of energy (almost twice to the amount of carbohydrate and protein) and our body tries to get rid of this omen first.

All the ingredients are made into either powder form or extract is taken to prepare the herbal diet pill. Such pills can be found over the counter. It is not necessary for all the ingredients to be safe for everybody. Even though the side effects of herbal medicines are fewer, some side effects can be deleterious to a particular group of people. Therefore, you must consult your doctor before taking any herbal diet pill.

There are many weight loss regimens available in the market. But the herbal diet pill is, by far, the most convenient and safest way to lose weight.

Weight loss diet

dietSo you want to lose some weight through a diet plan? Of course you have taken the right decision. There is no point undergoing a crash dieting program. Only minor changes in your regular diet habit can make the trick. We call it a weight loss diet plan. Let us discuss in detail what it is and how it works.

Weight loss diet is a natural way to reduce weight. You can make a pretty simple calculation of the amount of calorie you take in a day. Ideally a healthy adult male should take 2500 cal in a day and it is 2000 cal for a woman. In a weight loss diet plan, your amount of calorie intake should be less than that. Further, you need to restrict a number of food items that are the main source of calorie.

You should drink plenty of water. Fresh fruit and 100% natural fruit juice can kill your appetite but offers less amount of calorie. Fiber rich foods like whole grain flour (instead of polished white flour), brown sugar (instead of polished sugar), corn flour, oatmeal, toned milk should be added to your diet. Whole grain foods not only give you required amount of calorie, but it helps in the digestion also. Bowel movement becomes even and there is less chance of constipation. Another important function of whole grain food is to reduce cholesterol, particularly oatmeal. It has certain elements that bind cholesterol chemically and carry away from the body. Plan your diet in such a way that you get maximum calorie from your breakfast. It is said for a healthy diet that ‘you should take breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a beggar’. As you prepare for a hectic day in your office, most of the calorie should come from the breakfast. Lunch should be moderate. Dinner should provide least calorie as all you do after that is to retire for the day. Eat fresh vegetables as much as you can. Boiling, broiling are better options than frying.

The foods you must avoid are ‘convenient foods’. In this jet paced society, we are gradually but definitely inclining to such foods that are easier to prepare and consume less amount of time. But most of these foods are not favorable for our health. Instant foods, burgers, hot dogs, pizzas – all of them are very much palatable; but they contain much calorie, mainly in the form of fat. This fat accumulates inside our body and is stored in various organs. Tea, coffee and alcohol are to be avoided as much as possible. Most of the Western diet patterns are full of proteins also. This goes against the weight loss diet plan again. A healthy balanced diet is all you need for a comprehensive weight loss program.

For all practical purposes, a weight loss diet should accompany some exercises. Simple free hand exercises, walking, jogging, swimming are sufficient. You don’t need to go for purchasing a multi-gym for reducing weight.

You must remember that losing weight only through precise diet program will not come in a day. Moreover, it requires perseverance from your mind to carry on the diet program. You can expect a considerable result only after a couple of months.

All vegan diet, is it healthy?

Actually it is. There was a pretty significant study done that was widely published. Researchers from the Beltsville Human Nutrition Research Center looked at data from 10,104 adults who were eating different kinds of diets including vegetarian diets, low carbohydrate diets and high carbohydrate diets and their effects on BMI, energy intake and diet quality. The study concluded that those who were eating a vegetarian diet had low BMI’s and ended up eating less energy. (Kennedy et. al Popular Diets: Correlation to Health, Nutrition and Obesity. J. Am. Diet. Assoc. 2001 Apr. 101(4) 411-20). There is something to be said for it but it comes down to knowledge and balancing. You have to be cautious when starting a vegetarian diet and you need to make sure you are knowledgeable about it.

It’s harder to get the adequate amount of B vitamins on a vegetarian diet and you have to know which foods to eat to get the right amount of vitamins and minerals. So you know which vegetables to eat and how much to eat in order to get the amount of protein that you need.

What is a well balanced diet and How Do I Get One ?

Following the food pyramid is a good place to start and maybe it’s a good place to end for some people. If you take all the food somebody eats at the end of the week and then add them all up and how much variety there was, you will find that there really wasn’t that much variety.

People generally have a dozen foods they like to eat and they will end up eating the same foods day after day for most of their life and that is where you run into problems. You get stuck in a rut and fail to incorporate a vast variety into your diet and fail to get the nutritional balance that you should be getting. If you know nothing about food but incorporate a lot of variety of fresh fruit and vegetables, cereals, dairy, protein sources, small amount of “good” fats, and legumes and nuts into your diet the chances of your missing out on the right nutrients essential for good health are lowered.

When it comes to fresh fruit and vegetables, some people like to use a diet out there called the Rainbow diet. It’s based on all the different colors of fruits and vegetables. So I will take purple grapes and onions and garlic and sprinkle some lettuce and if we have fresh strawberries I will add those to cantaloupe and really your imagination is your only limitation. Just basically add all your favorite fruits and vegetables and season it to taste. Mix it all up and you have an incorporation of all of that variety. You get all of the vitamins and the nutrients and the minerals that you need in just one meal instead of just ingesting one kind of food.

My point is the more variety you can get in your diet the greater the possibility that if you are lacking in something that you are going to get it. I am an advocate of getting variety in your diet. It all comes down to looking at your budget and having some knowledge of getting what you need and looking at the food labels.

With just a little bit of knowledge of how to read food labels and what you need you can make the right choices with the money that you have to work with.

Even the restaurants and the fast food chains are starting to offer more nutritious choices, likes salads. Subway is one that has really jumped on the bandwagon. You know the one with Jared standing there saying this deep fat fried sandwich contains 45 plus grams of fat and compare it to the subway sandwich. I saw an interview where they were talking with the producer of Sesame Street and they were talking about the Cookie Monster and how it was presented inadvertently to get kids to eat more junk food and more cookies. Now they have repositioned that whole program to where they are starting to teach kids more about nutrition. I am hoping that one of the things that is happening is that there is increased awareness about nutrition and the obesity epidemic. Some people are just succumbing to obesity and the things that come with it like cancer and heart disease and diabetes. It’s good to see some positive changes taking place.