June 17, 2011

Fast Foods: A Bane for Healthy Living

fast foodsAs we are advancing and going to a jet paced society, we get little time to cook delicious foods at our places. That’s why, we are slowly but surely inclining to fast foods, which are easy to cook and take very little time to prepare. Fast foods are also called ‘convenient foods’. Fast foods are inexpensive too in comparison to the conventional foods. Therefore, it is gaining popularity day by day. You can get fast foods through easily accessible places – foods and snack stalls, food vending machines, drive-in restaurants and in all departmental stores in easy to prepare packaging. Since its initiation, the concept of having fast food was not using any kind of cutlery. They are sometimes called ‘finger foods’ also.

The concept of fast food was present since the ancient times. Chinese were taking noodles as convenient foods, Middle -East Asian countries had their own falafel and flatbread, Indians were having panipuris and parathas, European countries had pies and cakes. All these suggest that people were always had an inclination towards the foods that are easy to prepare and takes less cooking time.

Today’s fast food includes – fish and chips, burgers, noodles, sausages, pizzas and pastries. They are cheaper as they are made from meat containing high fat level, refined white flours and sugars. They are prepared with oils containing high level of saturated fatty acids (which gives the richer taste to otherwise low taste foods).

Fast foods are generally unhealthy to us. They are made from high fat meat and oils. There are responsible for increasing cholesterol level in our blood. This can cause heart attack, deep vein thrombosis and cerebral stroke. Cholesterol can deposit inside the blood vessel and narrows their lumen. This in turn gives rise to high blood pressure. Deposition of fats in our body can make us obese, which is a predisposing factor for many diseases like diabetes, anxiety, depression, hormonal problem and arthritis. In a recent survey, it was seen that more than 190 million US citizens are either overweight or frankly obese. Researchers have identified increase use of fast food is one of the primary causes of these rapid progress.

As there is little effort takes to make fast foods, people are excessively dependent upon these foods. In January 2003, BBC published news based on surveys of the US scientists that fast foods are becoming as addictive as heroin. This over eating is purely due to lack of willpower. The problem has so vivid that the Los Angeles City Council had to pass an ordinance in barring construction of new fast food joints in a 83 square kilometer are in a specific locality populated by 500,000 people from low socio economic condition. Eating fast food is not necessarily causing harm to us. But the real problem lies elsewhere. You cannot control yourself going on eating. And at the end, you land up into gaining weight. Think it in this way; fuel is important for your engine. But in any case if excess fuel gets entry your car’s engine, it will sure to work less.

Having fast food is good, but always within a limit.