June 17, 2011

Why Slim Women Attract More Men’s Attention?

slim womenSince the days of Cleopatra, men are just crazy about slim women. It is not that flabby girls are not pretty, but some factors do affect men in taking the decision to go for the slimmer version of the opposite sex. There is no clear cut earmark for the weight. It varies from men to men according to their choice.

Women have to realize that the days of Platonic love are over. Physical attraction plays a major role in choosing partners. As women like their partner should have good physique, men also like to get slim women as their companion. Scientist have recently discovered that love, affection, physical attraction – all these are nothing but results of some complex chemical reactions in our brain.

Just think, which configuration attracts you more – 34-24-34 or 40-36-40? You will get the answer. A slim woman possesses better configuration in all parts of her body. Her breasts, hips and bums are in perfect shape to be cared by men. They will long for the slimmer choice.

Men will fool themselves to anticipate the age of a slim woman. As we grow older, we tend to get flabby due to deposition of fat in different parts of our body. Hormonal imbalance is to be blamed for this change in appearance. Less physical activity also plays some role in becoming fat. If a woman maintains her physique in good shape, she can easily disguise the increasing age.

It is generally seen that a slim woman possesses more self confidence. Men love a woman who will take care of their daily activities. Although men will never vouch to surface this, they love a woman who is defending them in case of deviation from the normal course. Firm character of a woman definitely helps to win over this situation.

Slim women are usually more energetic. They work much faster than a chubby woman can do. They can cook faster, walk at par with their companion while going for a mountain trek or can swim in deep sea. This quick responsiveness is also another factor of attention for the slim women. They also do not get sick easily. Any woman, who is continuously nagging about her health, will definitely distract men.

Perhaps the best reason for ‘why slim women attract more men’s attention’ is the sexual attraction. A slim woman tends to be more active in bed. They are able to go for the positions what flabby women can never think of. And as it was said earlier, physical attraction is one of the major issues for men to select their partners; a slimmer woman will always get better attention from the male counterparts.

One last note, physical attraction is not all. Men can lust for a supermodel, but very few of them will agree to continue a long relationship with them. A slim waist can attract a man for a single time, but in the long run true beauty is a proper conglomeration of good physique along with brain. A true magnificence comes from within.