November 29, 2011

Pregnancy and Depression

pregnancy-depressionThe relationship between pregnancy and depression is not uncommon, as it can affect up to twenty percent of women. There are many feelings that can arise through pregnancy which can worsen the symptoms that are often associated with depression.

With the increase in hormones in the body that come with pregnancy, there are often associations with deeper aspects of the feelings and therefore women are often torn between feelings of overwhelming job, stress about how they are going to care for the child and fear of the unknown if this is their first child.

There are certain complications that can arise from the medications which are used to treat depression, through pregnancy and therefore many women are forced to stop the medications through the pregnancy and therefore it can be even more difficult to manage the symptoms that are associated with the diagnosis of depression. Unfortunately, because of this reason, medication is not always an option during pregnancy and therefore the woman must manage other treatments which can include therapy, behavior therapy and other related options. Although these sometimes are not as effective in managing the depression, they are sometimes the only route to ensure that medications that may harm the unborn child are avoided.

What are some of the symptoms that are associated with depression and pregnancy? Some of the symptoms that are associated with depression through pregnancy include sleeping too much, or sleeping too little throughout the duration of the pregnancy, as well as having a loss of appetite through the pregnancy or consuming too much food throughout the duration of the pregnancy. Finding that you have a loss of interest through activities that you have enjoyed in the past, as well as a persistent sadness or thoughts of hurting yourself or suicide.

There are many triggers that can cause the depression to worsen through pregnancy. The fear of raising the child or fear that there may be complications that can develop through the pregnancy can often contribute to the triggers of depression in expectant mothers. Using a close knit support system, through the close friends and family members, or even through the use of support groups or groups which can be found on the internet are effective ways to deal with the triggers of depression and even the symptoms of depression throughout the pregnancy.

Although it is important to have a close knit support group to rely on, there are many alternative therapies that can be used throughout pregnancy that provide an alternative to traditional medical treatment. Some of these therapies include light therapy to increase the mood or treatments which are natural and can reduce the symptoms that are associated with depression.

In some cases, medication must be used to fight the symptoms of depression in the mother to allow for a healthy pregnancy. There are some medications that have been developed that doctors prescribe for pregnant women, and speaking with your health care professional can lead you in the right direction to finding treatment for depression through pregnancy to ensure that you are able to have a safe and happy pregnancy.

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