November 29, 2011

Is It Safe Dying Hair While Pregnant?

dying hairDying your hair is one of the well accepted practices. It makes you younger looking, fashionable and charming. For a lady, it may be one of the beauty secrets that she likes most. But one thing usually asked that is it safe dying your hair while you are pregnant? Let us find the answer.

When you become pregnant, many things change and you become more cautious in every little step you are taking. Dyeing your hair is an occasion you become most hesitant. But it is not essentially to become frightened in dyeing. Although hair dye contains bleach and other aniline and ammonium containing products (paraphenylenediamine), experiments have not proven any teratogenicity (chances of delivering a baby having cancer of any organ). It is true that dye can penetrate the scalp and absorbed in our body, but the amount absorbed is so low that it cannot do any harm to the unborn baby in the womb.

Even then, doctors are somewhat skeptical in advocating dyeing of your hair during pregnancy. It is only because they want to play it safe and there is nothing wrong doing so. The neurological development of the baby is maximum during the first trimester (first three months) and it is said that permanent coloring should be avoided during this period. Dyeing can be carried on again after the first three months.

If you consider dyeing your hair in this time, always ensure a well ventilated room and always wear plastic gloves during application. Do a standard check first by applying a diluted solution over the back of the ear. If there is irritation, you should avoid using that dye. After coloring, leave the dye for least possible time and wash thoroughly with water. Consider using ‘hair mascara or herbal dye instead of using chemical dye’.

All together, dyeing hair while you are pregnant is safe, considering you are taking proper precautions.

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