June 17, 2011

Taking Care of Your Skin While Traveling to Warm Climates

skinSkin care is a very important thing for many people. Fair skinned individuals especially have to take care of themselves when traveling to warm climates in order to protect their skin.

Without properly taking care of their skin, individuals risk:

- Sun burn
- Skin cancer
- Heat or sun rashes.

Taking the risks into account, taking care of your skin while out in the sun is extremely important. It is not worth the risk to be out in the sun for an extended period of time without proper protection with sunscreen. Having a sunscreen of SPF 15 will protect you a little bit, but for people that are very susceptible to sunburn SPF 40 should be used.

Understandably, when most people visit warm places for vacation, we want to be able to enjoy the sun and the warmth and get a tan. One work around to being smart with the care of your skin is to go out into the sun for 15-30 minutes and after the first 15-30 minutes put sunscreen on for the rest of the day.

Wearing a big hat, although goofy will save your head from the warmth and your face and neck from strong UV rays.

What To Do If You Do Get Sunburned ?

Taking care of your skin after you get sunburned is just as important as taking care of it to prevent a sunburn. Sometimes your sunburn wears off, gets washed off, or you forget to put it on and are gone from the hotel for a whole day. The best thing for a sunburn is prevention. If you are unable to prevent a sunburn, aloe is one of the best soothers of your skin. Aloe is a natural product coming from Aloe plants that literally cools and heals your skin on impact.

There are many different forms of aloe that can be used, including gels (extract from the plant), actual aloe plants that you can break off and open up and get the gel from inside which is a completely natural way, or by getting lotions that have aloe in them.

Personally I prefer the aloe gels that you can buy at any major department, pharmacy, or grocery store. They are sticky and make your skin sticky, but aloe gel provides the best soothing relief instantly.

If you have ever been sunburned, you will know that taking a shower can be very painful. Turning the temperature down for your shower will keep you from feeling completely miserable from showering or bathing. After your shower have your aloe ready to be applied (and do not be scarce!).

Taking care of your skin when you are traveling is very important. Prevention is the most important step to taking proper care of your skin in warm weather. Sunscreen and wearing a hat are great steps for keeping your skin safe. If you are exposed to the sun, taking care of it with aloe and further protection from getting a sunburn are your best options.

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