June 17, 2011

Healthy Hair – Everybody’s Dream

healthy hairWho does not love a scalp full of healthy, long and black hair? Healthy hair is everybody’s dream. Since the days of Cleopatra, men are just mad with a woman having long hair. Transforming your head with a layer of healthy hair is not actually difficult. You need not go to the costliest salon; you do not even bother to purchase some expensive hair care products. All you need is dedication, some modifications in your lifestyle and lots of endurance power.

In any point of time, almost 75 per cent of our hair is in a state where their growth has reached a plateau phase. This bunch of hair will eventually fall. 10-15 number of hair fall daily from our scalp. This is a normal shedding phenomenon and there is no point to be panicky. But if the rate increases to 50-100 per day, you must have some problem in your body.

The hair has three parts – the bulb, root and the shaft. The bulb is entrenched in the upper layer of the scalp and is responsible for the entire nutrition of a hair. As the nutrition of hair comes from the scalp tissue, you need to keep your scalp in good condition. There are certain foods that help in the growth of the hair. Let us discuss them.

Fresh green leafy vegetables – spinach, broccoli, cabbages, Swiss chard are full of Vitamins, mainly vitamin A and C. Both of them help in production of sebum, the natural conditioner of your hair. They are also rich in Vitamin E. It protects the hair bulb from oxidative reaction. This will remove any free radical present in the hair and gives it longer life span. Vitamin E also promotes blood circulation in the scalp; thus more and more nutrition is available to the hair.

Salmon – this fish is one of the richest sources of Omega-3 fatty acids, the well known antioxidant. Omega-3 fatty acid keeps the hair more time in their plateau phase. This will in turn help in more volume of healthy hair.

Flaxseed oil – this also contain high amount if Omega-3 fatty acids and is an alternative to Salmon for the vegetarian.

Beans – beans are particularly rich in biotin, a vitamin responsible for healthy hair growth. Biotin is also abundant in liver, tomato, lettuce, soybean, carrot, eggs, cucumber, cabbage, milk, strawberry, raspberry and walnuts. All these foods are beneficial for healthy hair.

Apart from foods, you need to take care of some of your daily routine. Most of the shampoos are harsh to your hair as they contain chemical cleanser. It is always better to buy an herbal shampoo that is less apt to damage your hair. You can shampoo your hair thrice in a week, no need to do it daily. While combing your hair, extra care has to be taken that you are not damaging the root of the hair. Most of the hair accessories like pony tail holder and hair clips are notorious for your hair as they can weaken the hair root. Trim your hair regularly. Always cut the damaged tip as you come across.

Maintaining healthy hair is not a job for days or weeks. You need to take care of your beautiful hair in a regular basis.

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