November 29, 2011

Why Normal Body Weight Is So Important For Lifetime?

normal body weightOverweight is a global problem. There are more than 800 million overweight people living across the world of which 20% are so morbidly obese that they need someone’s assistance to live a normal life. For those people who are either obese or overweight, losing weight matters more than just correction of appearance. A flabby person much above his/her normal body weight will definitely develop some diseases in any part of their lifetime, they will have downright low self-esteem. They will try to escape from the society and family gathering. They will not bear the full potentiality to live to the fullest. Here we shall discuss why normal body weight is so essential for throughout your life.

Health problems: – obese and overweight people will develop several health problems as the day progresses. Diabetes and cardiac diseases are closely related to increased body weight. Obese people bear more fat and this will lead to deposition of tiny fatty streaks inside the blood vessels. This will in turn lead to heart attack. Obesity is a proven risk factor for diabetes. Besides these two, overweight people will have brittle bones and this can lead to arthritis. Liver diseases, constipation, frequent attack of cough and cold due to low immunity, stone in gall bladder and cancer – these are some common but dangerous diseases that are associated with obesity.

Low self-esteem: – this world worships the beauty. And if you are flabby enough, you will not be recognized as a good-looking person. Although, this is not absolutely necessary, obese persons frequently count themselves among the herd of failures.

Social phobia: – due to the same reason mentioned above, obese people refrain themselves from any kind of gathering; be it family congregation or any other social assembly. Obese person does not find his size of cloths or boots easily in the stores. They require extra spaces in restaurants or public transports. Even some airlines charge extra after a certain limit of body weight. All these make them appalling from the society.

Many suicidal attempts have been tried by the flabby person. The reasons were only to get rid of from the ugly look that they bear in their mind. Human resource managers and other activists are trying hard to bring the obese people in the mainstream of the society. But how this can being rooted out from the society is still unsettled.

Can’t live to the fullest of life: – an obese patient cannot live to the fullest like a normal person does. They cannot run; cannot walk past a staircase; let alone walking on a hilly area. The thoughts of weight always come to their mind and become an obstacle to free thinking. You cannot play with your kids, not even sit on a couch that is just right for everybody.

Nobody wants these problems in his life. If you want your life is peaceful and at par with any other healthy man, you need to take some actions that will help you to remain fit all throughout your life.

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