June 17, 2011

Weight loss exercises

weight lossLosing weight through exercises is the most novel way of shedding your unwanted pounds. In most of the cases it works in such a way that all of our body parts start losing excess fat. With a well planned weight loss exercise schedule, you can lose 2 pounds of weight each week. The thing you will require most is determination. There is no point in a crash course on exercise program.

There are two types of weight loss exercises – aerobic (isotonic) and isometric exercise. In our regular workout program, mainly we do aerobic exercises. It is also called Cardio exercises. This is a form of exercise that helps to optimally utilize oxygen in the metabolic processes of our body. In an indoor setup, treadmill, static bicycle, rower, abdominal sit-up, stairmaster are the examples of aerobic exercise. In outdoor, you can go for brisk walking, jogging, cross-country racing, cycling etc. Aerobic exercises helps in the chemical processes of energy generation in most of the organs, mainly in the muscles, liver, heart and lungs. The heart rate becomes even and blood circulation in the body parts increases. The blood flow will flush out excess fat from inside your body. In the long run, aerobic exercise will boost your stamina of taking up harder works. Aerobic exercise will tone up your body and confer a better shape. It also elevates the mood as well as banishes anxiety and depression. In any aerobic exercise, the muscle tone remains normal. Only the muscle length is increased to help in the workout. No aerobic exercise will help you to develop a muscular body. Therefore, you need isometric exercises.

Isometric exercise incorporates working out with weight. Lifting weight will stretch the muscles. Doing so, an impulse is generated in the muscle fibers. As you continue weight training with heavier weights, the muscle mass will increase to help you for easy lifting. It is not recommended to start with a heavier load in the bars. You must begin with such a load that you can easily lift. Over a time schedule, you should increase the amount of weight. The isometric exercise should focus all parts of your body muscle. Try starting from biceps and triceps to end up in the leg muscles. Keep a timetable for working out for every part of muscles.

It is mandatory to ‘warm up’ before you start any kind of exercise. It is also necessary to ‘cool down’ after each weight loss exercise program. Otherwise, muscle cramps are very common.

The main drawback for a weight loss exercise program is the monotony involved in it. The determination and variety in exercise regimen can be the solution for it. Try doing things that you like most. Invite your friends to join you. Another thing you should know is when you must stop. If you feel that the weight loss exercise you are doing is badly affecting your health, stop doing at once and consult your doctor.

No weight loss program involving exercise only is self sufficient. A balanced and healthy diet plan, together with the right exercise protocol is the key to the success.

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