June 17, 2011

Weight loss diet

dietSo you want to lose some weight through a diet plan? Of course you have taken the right decision. There is no point undergoing a crash dieting program. Only minor changes in your regular diet habit can make the trick. We call it a weight loss diet plan. Let us discuss in detail what it is and how it works.

Weight loss diet is a natural way to reduce weight. You can make a pretty simple calculation of the amount of calorie you take in a day. Ideally a healthy adult male should take 2500 cal in a day and it is 2000 cal for a woman. In a weight loss diet plan, your amount of calorie intake should be less than that. Further, you need to restrict a number of food items that are the main source of calorie.

You should drink plenty of water. Fresh fruit and 100% natural fruit juice can kill your appetite but offers less amount of calorie. Fiber rich foods like whole grain flour (instead of polished white flour), brown sugar (instead of polished sugar), corn flour, oatmeal, toned milk should be added to your diet. Whole grain foods not only give you required amount of calorie, but it helps in the digestion also. Bowel movement becomes even and there is less chance of constipation. Another important function of whole grain food is to reduce cholesterol, particularly oatmeal. It has certain elements that bind cholesterol chemically and carry away from the body. Plan your diet in such a way that you get maximum calorie from your breakfast. It is said for a healthy diet that ‘you should take breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a beggar’. As you prepare for a hectic day in your office, most of the calorie should come from the breakfast. Lunch should be moderate. Dinner should provide least calorie as all you do after that is to retire for the day. Eat fresh vegetables as much as you can. Boiling, broiling are better options than frying.

The foods you must avoid are ‘convenient foods’. In this jet paced society, we are gradually but definitely inclining to such foods that are easier to prepare and consume less amount of time. But most of these foods are not favorable for our health. Instant foods, burgers, hot dogs, pizzas – all of them are very much palatable; but they contain much calorie, mainly in the form of fat. This fat accumulates inside our body and is stored in various organs. Tea, coffee and alcohol are to be avoided as much as possible. Most of the Western diet patterns are full of proteins also. This goes against the weight loss diet plan again. A healthy balanced diet is all you need for a comprehensive weight loss program.

For all practical purposes, a weight loss diet should accompany some exercises. Simple free hand exercises, walking, jogging, swimming are sufficient. You don’t need to go for purchasing a multi-gym for reducing weight.

You must remember that losing weight only through precise diet program will not come in a day. Moreover, it requires perseverance from your mind to carry on the diet program. You can expect a considerable result only after a couple of months.

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