November 29, 2011

Healthy Fast Food : Do They Really Exist?

fast foodWe don’t have time to cook good foods, let alone going to church or our respective places of worship. Our jet set lifestyle is alone to be blamed. In this situation, we are slowly but surely inclining to such foods those are easy to cook and take less time to prepare. Even they are available in ready to eat state. Yes, I am talking about fast foods. Most of the ingredients of fast foods contain high calorie value. They also contain much amount of saturated oil, which are unhealthy. But, is there any healthy fast food? Does this concept really exist? Let us find it out.

Well, they do exist. Gourmet companies and fast food joints have bent to the increasing pressure of health conscious people. They have started preparing fast foods that are prepared from healthy ingredients. They are using oils and meats which contain less amount of trans fat.

Whenever you are going to a fast food court, look for the salad dressings containing less oil or grilled chicken sandwiches. Order a sandwich but ask them to cut the mayonnaise or the extra cheese. You will find detailed nutritional information of all the ingredients used in a preparation over the counter or printed on the packaging. You can choose between healthy and ‘not so healthy’ foods. And if you are thirsty, choose a diet cola or water. It is another good habit to choose the smallest burger size.

Eat your fast food on the go. Drive-in restaurants are preferred. Studies have shown that people who sit and order their preferences in a fast food joint, land up into eating more. Watch the size of the portion of each food. Normally the portion size of any preparation in a fast food joint is 2-3 times more than they are in a restaurant. If the portion size is larger, ask them to pack the food and take it away. You can eat half of the item and keep the other half for next day’s use. What’s more, you can have your food without all the condiments and while at home, you can add healthier food options. Salads are notorious in terms of calories. You will have a family size salad dressing but your appetite will remain almost same. And if the salads contain oils and meat, you are in a soup. Try to order foods which do not require salads as its taste enhancers.

Many companies are marketing sandwiches and burgers with chicken free nuggets, which are nothing but chicken flavored tofu. Soybean nuggets are another healthy alternative. There are some joints which exclusively prepare these ‘healthy fast foods’. Some Asian fast food preparations like egg roll and veg spring roll are highly nutritious and contain less calorie and saturated oil.

Taking some light snacks before going out will kill your appetite. It is an old trick but it works. As you will have less appetite, you will tend to avoid fast food.

Healthy fast food is not a joke. With some modification in your taste and mindset, you can always enjoy the comfort of a fast food minus the extra calories.

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