November 29, 2011

Bad Plastic Surgery – It Can Make You Look Ghastly

Plastic surgery is a special form of surgical discipline where the surgeon tries to do some corrective or restorative procedures. Plastic surgery is done in a case where the patient has some kind of congenital deformity or some body parts are damaged due to injury. Plastic surgery has many branches – reconstructive or cosmetic surgery, craniofacial surgery, post-burn reconstructive surgery and microsurgery. A bad plastic surgery is usually termed to a cosmetic surgery where the outcome has turned out to be unsatisfactory and giving the patient a bad appearance. It can make you something but anything remotely human.

The fault may lie with the procedure chosen by the surgeon or unsolicited demand by the patient. It will be difficult to see our own face if a bad plastic surgery in the form of face-lifting has done. Damage to any one of the delicate branches of the facial nerve can make the facial muscles weak. The skin will sag down to make the person older. There will be asymmetry between two sides of face. The person may not be able to blink properly. This is seen in case of a bad blepharoplasty.

Outcome of bad plastic surgery has been seen in number of cases that due to some error in the surgical procedure. The otherwise good looking patient has become the nightmare of their relatives and admirers. There are many instances among the silver screen and page 3 celebrities.

We became aware of bad plastic surgery when the TV or the print media bring a story of such an occurrence. But in most of the occasions it has seen that bad plastic surgery had occurred due to overwhelming desire by the patient. You have to understand that a 60 year old grandma can never get the appearance of sweet 16. But as the pressure is high from the patient and the good compensation involved, the surgeon may sometimes overdo things that should not be done normally. Complications are part of any surgical procedure. You may have hernia even after minor operation like appendectomy; likewise bad plastic surgery can happen.

But you must not submit your body to a newbie surgeon blindly. Before going to any reconstructive surgery in your face like rhinoplasty (done to mould your nose to look better), face-lifting (done to lift the facial skin in an aged person) or any other part of body (like breast reconstructive surgery), you must enquire all the facts about the surgeon. Whether he has done same kind of operation successfully in the past, whether he is certified by a competent authority for doing such operations and of course testimonials from his patients, are to be checked in advance. Before undergoing any operation, you must have a second opinion from another surgeon. You may like to get your probable picture after the surgery; latest computer software can do this. You must be sensible towards the outcome. Do not motivate your surgeon what has to be done and what not to. A good surgeon will always tell you the probable result of the operation.

Bad plastic surgery can really ruin your life. But there are procedures that can correct the outcome.