November 29, 2011

Treatments for Sunburn

Each summer, sunburn is one of the most common complaints of people who spend lots of time outdoors gardening or long days at the beach. Even though some people with certain skin types are more prone to sunburn than others that still doesn’t stop them from enjoying the beauty of the day during the summer. For those of us who don’t enjoy wearing sun block, sun burn can be a very painful and excruciating skin irritation. Here are some of the best methods I have found for treating and healing sunburn over the years, as opposed to spending money on more expensive over the counter remedies for sunburn.

One of the best treatments I have found for treating sunburn is to use natural straight from the source aloe. Cut the top of an aloe leaf from the plant and squeeze a generous amount of the natural aloe plant liquid onto the sunburn and rub it thoroughly into the skin. Don’t worry about ruining the plant by taking off part of the leaf. Aloe plants have a tendency to bounce back quickly and regenerate leaves. Add a little aloe extract to warm bath water for even more smooth skin to heal the sunburn and turn your burn into a natural bronzed tan. Using aloe straight from the plant to treat sunburn will heal the sunburn within one to three days.

Even though you may not enjoy the odor, a warm water bath with one cup of vinegar thrown in the bath will help to ease the itch and discomfort of sunburn. Soak in the bath for fifteen to twenty minutes and clean as you’re normally will during a bath. Even though buttermilk has its own rather pungent aroma, it is also a good bath time remedy for sunburn. Using Vinegar or buttermilk to treat the sunburn will give you a naturally tanned look, while softening the skin, perhaps even lessening the appearance of other skin conditions such as acne.

Sunburn is the byproduct of extremely dried skin. To promote healing of sunburn, use a generous amount of hemorrhoid cream such as Preparation H on sunburn. This will moisten the skin, while healing the physical components of sunburn such as peeling skin and blotchy red skin. Using hemorrhoid cream to treat sunburn will immediately penetrate the skin to begin restoring lost moisture, while promoting soft skin and lessening the symptoms of other skin conditions such as acne.