November 29, 2011

How to Eat More Healthy Foods to Lose Weight

There seems to be more people overweight every day. This is despite tons of fad diets hitting the market every day and hundreds of prepackaged goods which promise to help you in losing weight. The simple fact of the matter is that weight loss is something that cannot be squeezed into a fad diet. There are no magic bullets. Even the zero-calorie foods like celery are just a nice way to introduce fewer calories into your diet. The best way is to exercise and eat more healthy foods to lose weight.

The question is what foods should you eat and how much of them should you eat? The answer to the question lies more in what you like to eat than in anything else. This may be shocking to the crowd which believes that all weight loss plans should seem like torture. In fact, if you are not ready to commit to something, you will not. This is as true for a weight loss regimen as anything else. If you are looking to eat healthy foods to lose weight, you should be able to choose foods that you enjoy eating so that you will commit.

Try different foods
One of the best ways to make sure that you are ready to commit to a healthy weight loss regimen is to try out different kinds of foods. You can try your way through different kinds of raw foods to discover which foods you enjoy the flavor of. Try them raw, roasted or even cooked with some extra virgin olive oil. There are many healthy foods to lose weight which will be delicious to your palate which you will actually look forward to eating. Many people are surprised by the meaty texture of roasted portabellas and other flavor complexities they never knew existed.

Cook with simplicity
Take a page out of the books of some of the finest chefs in the world and you will learn how to eat healthy foods to lose weight. Their advice is to start with the finest ingredients and cook them as simply as possible so that their natural flavors can come through. Chopping fresh garlic for a tomato sauce is not only good for the senses, it is also better for the heart than the garlic which is pre-chopped. The explosion of flavor will invite you back to the table.

Making healthy snacks
There are many people who are not aware of the simple method of eating snacks to lose weight. Snacking on healthy foods to lose weight is a concept which makes people’s heads spin. It works because you are keeping your metabolism fire burning all day long. By reducing the size of meals and adding in two snacks in between, you will notice that you are shedding weight at a prodigious rate. Best of all, this is a life change which you can maintain after you have achieved your target weight. This will help you to maintain that weight as well as give you more energy.

Why You Can’t Lose Weight?

lose weightMany of weight loss enthusiasts often get frustrated that even after regular dieting and some weight loss exercises, they are not losing weight as per their expectation. The reasons may be several, but in this article, we shall discuss about the common causes of not losing weight even after trying hard.

1. The first cause may be that you are having snacks more often. You may be not hungry, but the sight or thought of snacks compel you to open a pack of potato chips or chocolate. Drinking plenty of water after meal can overcome this condition

2. You may be going to late night parties more often. The metabolic system of your body slows down in the wee hours of night. If you eat late, the foods you had taken get little time to digest properly and stored as fat in the body parts.

3. Metabolism in the aged people also slows down. It is quite natural to gain some weight after you reach 35 years of age. Fat gets deposited in the abdomen, thighs and hips. Taking low fat dairy products, foods that contain less fat and oil, regular exercise can be of help.

4. You are not counting the portion sizes. The foods may be right, but the portion size you are taking is larger. While dining in a restaurant, ask the waiter about the portion size. You can divide a single dish among your family and if you are eating alone, pack the portion you cannot eat. While cooking at home, roughly calculate the total amount that would suffice your entire family member.

5. If your resting metabolic rate is low compared to others, your body will burn less fat even you exercise for longer duration. It is a genetic phenomenon and you cannot control it. Only thing you can do is to cut down the amount of food you eat.

6. Female are more prone to gain weight faster than their male counterpart. Blame to the female hormone. Fat is deposited around the thighs and bums. Men has more muscle mass than female and it helps in burning fat effectively than female.

7. If you do not like to exercise, you cannot lose weight. Proper dieting and adequate exercise, both are needed for effective weight loss. Skip any of them and you are a loser.

8. Proper exercise schedule is mandatory. If you do not exercise whole of the week and do it on the whole Sunday, it will not be of any help. Rather, it will make you exhausted. You should work out three times a week for better result.

9. Do not skip your breakfast. If you do so, you would surely feel hungry till you have time for lunch. And you will continue to take snacks in between which are, of course, full of saturated fat.

10. You may be much stressed out. In this condition, your body produces a hormone called ‘Cortisol’. Cortisol is notorious to produce more hunger.

11. You may be suffering from some diseases like hypothyroidism or cushing’s syndrome. In these conditions, people get flabbier.

12. If you are taking some drugs like antidepressants or on oral contraceptive pill, you may gain weight.

These are in a nutshell why you are losing enough pounds even when you are trying hard. The list is not exhaustive, but includes most of the common causes.

Why Normal Body Weight Is So Important For Lifetime?

normal body weightOverweight is a global problem. There are more than 800 million overweight people living across the world of which 20% are so morbidly obese that they need someone’s assistance to live a normal life. For those people who are either obese or overweight, losing weight matters more than just correction of appearance. A flabby person much above his/her normal body weight will definitely develop some diseases in any part of their lifetime, they will have downright low self-esteem. They will try to escape from the society and family gathering. They will not bear the full potentiality to live to the fullest. Here we shall discuss why normal body weight is so essential for throughout your life.

Health problems: – obese and overweight people will develop several health problems as the day progresses. Diabetes and cardiac diseases are closely related to increased body weight. Obese people bear more fat and this will lead to deposition of tiny fatty streaks inside the blood vessels. This will in turn lead to heart attack. Obesity is a proven risk factor for diabetes. Besides these two, overweight people will have brittle bones and this can lead to arthritis. Liver diseases, constipation, frequent attack of cough and cold due to low immunity, stone in gall bladder and cancer – these are some common but dangerous diseases that are associated with obesity.

Low self-esteem: – this world worships the beauty. And if you are flabby enough, you will not be recognized as a good-looking person. Although, this is not absolutely necessary, obese persons frequently count themselves among the herd of failures.

Social phobia: – due to the same reason mentioned above, obese people refrain themselves from any kind of gathering; be it family congregation or any other social assembly. Obese person does not find his size of cloths or boots easily in the stores. They require extra spaces in restaurants or public transports. Even some airlines charge extra after a certain limit of body weight. All these make them appalling from the society.

Many suicidal attempts have been tried by the flabby person. The reasons were only to get rid of from the ugly look that they bear in their mind. Human resource managers and other activists are trying hard to bring the obese people in the mainstream of the society. But how this can being rooted out from the society is still unsettled.

Can’t live to the fullest of life: – an obese patient cannot live to the fullest like a normal person does. They cannot run; cannot walk past a staircase; let alone walking on a hilly area. The thoughts of weight always come to their mind and become an obstacle to free thinking. You cannot play with your kids, not even sit on a couch that is just right for everybody.

Nobody wants these problems in his life. If you want your life is peaceful and at par with any other healthy man, you need to take some actions that will help you to remain fit all throughout your life.

Herbal Diet Pills – The Safest Way to Lose Weight

In this jet paced society, everybody is looking for easier and faster action. It seems that there is a pill for every occasion. Weight loss pills are no different. You will find weight loss pills in variety of forms if you explore the internet or the nearest medical shop. But most of these pills are made from harmful synthetic ingredients like ephedra. They can jeopardize your natural system of metabolism. All natural herbal diet pills are good in that way. They will not cause any damage to your body, yet they are powerful enough to help you in shedding those extra fats.

More than 120 million people around the world are overweight. 25% of this population is so much obese that they need someone’s assistance to lead their normal life. It is estimated that 15% of the children in the Unites States also suffer from obesity. Child obesity is posing a great threat to the society. Obesity carries a great risk factor for many diseases – high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, high cholesterol level in the blood, heart attack and cerebral stroke. Maintaining one’s body weight to normal level can keep all these diseases at bay.

Herbal diet pills are made from natural herbs having medicinal properties. They are tried and tested in traditional systems of medicine in many countries around the world. Most of the herbal diet pills are a combination of several herbal ingredients. They act by three ways to our system. Firstly, some of the medicines will suppress our appetite. Secondly, some ingredients prevent absorption of fat from the intestine itself. Thirdly, they will push up the normal fat burning system of our body.

If our appetite is suppressed, we will consume fewer amounts of calories. As fewer calories are available to our system, there will not be storage of calories in the form of fat. Some herbs prevent absorption of fat from the intestinal brush borders. They combine with the fat and carry the fat molecule to the lower down of our GI system, to be evacuated through stool. Some medications potentiate the calorie burning system of our body. Although, burning of all the nutrients are augmented, fat burning occurs maximum. This is because fat carries maximum amount of energy (almost twice to the amount of carbohydrate and protein) and our body tries to get rid of this omen first.

All the ingredients are made into either powder form or extract is taken to prepare the herbal diet pill. Such pills can be found over the counter. It is not necessary for all the ingredients to be safe for everybody. Even though the side effects of herbal medicines are fewer, some side effects can be deleterious to a particular group of people. Therefore, you must consult your doctor before taking any herbal diet pill.

There are many weight loss regimens available in the market. But the herbal diet pill is, by far, the most convenient and safest way to lose weight.

Importance of Exercise

exerciseThis country is fast becoming an unfit nation. The reason we are so is because many people don’t get out exercising as much as they used to. Everything around us is there to cater to the ease of life. We take the elevator instead of the stairs; we park at the very front of the store. There are many things that make life easier, but then again, make us Americans lazier. We also don’t eat the healthiest we let McDonald’s feed us when we don’t have time to cook. With that said, we take in more food than the calories we are shedding. To help revert this so that we are going back to burning more many people need to exercise more. The more you work your and lungs, the better you will feel.

There are some things to remember about exercising.

1. You can not count the normal things you do on a daily basis such as working or vacuuming as part of exercise. Exercise is to be considered the extra things you do to work your heart and lungs.
2. Once the exercise becomes too easy as your body warms up to it, you then need to add more to it. It’s called a work out for a reason.

So, what sorts of exercise are there? In all, there are two kinds of exercise. They call these aerobic and then toning exercise. Toning exercises work the muscles. They make them stronger and eventually you will be able to be more flexible. The flub that you are used to seeing then disappears and turns into muscles.

On the other hand there is aerobic which many people are used to. When you ride a bike or during gym class, you are normally doing aerobic as it makes your heart pump more blood. This is the type of exercise that health professionals try to promote as it keeps you from becoming obese. While it too works muscles, it also works your heart and keeps your heart healthy.

How much is too much?

Most people overdo how much they exercise. It is recommended that you do only a few minutes which a few minutes is classified as half an hour a few times a week. If you are just beginning a exercise regimen then you need to start out slower than that. This keeps you from overworking muscles as many people do. It’s always wise to run your routine by your doctor. They can tell you how much you should be able to do with your condition. With this in mind, you are well on your way to a healthier and better looking you. So, what are you waiting for? You know about exercise so get at it.

What is Your Ideal Weight and How to Maintain It

ideal foodHealth is wealth and maintaining health is the sole responsibility of yours. But you are free to eat whatever your tongue likes. The onus lies upon you whether you want or don’t want to become flabby like Hardy (in the famous comic character) or become somebody having a stout figure. Maintaining an ideal weight not only gives you a better shape, but a healthy people is always at a distance from some grave diseases like diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure, heart attack and stroke. Around the world, more than 800 million people are so obese, that they need someone’s assistance to live a daily life. Now you have to choose whether you want to get your ideal weight or not.

Talking about ideal weight brings the discussion of your height. This is the key to get the ideal weight. As height is different in various ethnic groups, ideal weight also varies from country to country. Ideal weight is not the same for an African man to a Chinese man. Again ideal height is different in between sexes. Ideal weight of a male American will be different from a female from the same country. Therefore, ideal weight has to be calculated in a scale depending upon the ethnic group and the sex.

Getting your ideal weight is difficult, but maintaining it is more so. You have to do a lot of exercises and diet control to reach the ideal weight respective of your height. As you attain the level, the hitch that negatively affects the enduring process is dedication. It is quite obvious to come when you don’t have a goal. But losing your morale will not do. You have to be very careful at this stage. You have to carry on diet control (I am not saying to cut down those foods you like, you can have them occasionally) and the exercise also. As we grow older, the strength of our muscles weakens. This is more understandable over our abdominal and hip muscles. The tone of the muscles becomes lose and we can have pot belly. Fat accumulation over this area makes the scenario more disgusting. Therefore, you have to continue exercises dedicated to abdomen and hips.

Next come the muscles of the chest. Gentle work out with the weight will suffice. Our intention will be keep the muscles in their proper tone and shape. We cannot do any good to the sagging breasts, but proper toning of pectoral muscles will definitely lift the breast. Doing regular exercises will tone up muscles from all over your body.

Try to calculate daily calorie intake and the amount you are burning. Although it is difficult to estimate these in true sense, you must make out an approximate amount. Your diet should be full of green leafy vegetables and whole grain cereals. Try to incorporate as much fiber as you can in your diet. It will help in lowering cholesterol. Occasional ice-creams, chocolates, burgers will not bring harm, but be careful to skip it in your everyday diet.

In this fast paced world we tend to depend upon fast foods that are, I am afraid to say, not healthy. You have to maintain your ideal weight to become hale and hearty.


Calculate Your BMI to Remain Healthy

calculate BMIThere are more than 800 Million obese people around the world who needs some assistance to lead their normal life. Obesity is widespread and has become an epidemic nowadays. It does not only look ugly to be obese but it is a predisposing factor for many diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, heart attack and coronary thrombosis. Earlier, we did not have a tool to measure how much obese is a patient. It is only in 1996 when Adolphe Quetelet, a Belgian scholar in anthropometry developed a formula to calculate obesity. This was the beginning of BMI or Body Mass Index. BMI estimates total body weight in terms of height and gives us a ratio.

We have a misconception that BMI only measures body fat. It’s not true. As BMI needs your total body weight to produce a ratio, it cannot calculate the amount of fat alone. And there is no need to calculate the amount of fat alone to in any kind of weight reduction program. This is because you have to control the total body weight, not isolated fatty tissue.

The easiest measure to calculate BMI is your weight in Kilograms divided by square of your height in meter. In another calculation, measure your weight in ponds. Multiply it with the factor 703. Then divide it with square of your height represented in inches.

Ideal BMI is different in various ethnic groups, depending upon their ideal height. According to the classification of World Health Organization, a person will be diagnosed as severely underweight if the BMI is less than 16.5. He will be underweight if BMI is in between 16.5 to 18.5. Normal BMI is 18.5 to 25. He will be overweight if BMI is 25 to 30, class I obese 25-35, class II obese 35-40 and morbidly obese if BMI is more than 40.

Here is a pictorial representation of the BMI, both in pounds and kilogram:

You can take the print out of this picture and tabulate the BMI to get the status of your body weight.

Adult representation of BMI cannot be accepted in case of children. Although the calculation is pretty same as in case of adults, the BMI for children has to be compared to the normal BMI for that particular age group. Then it becomes a percentile calculation to the age and sex group.

Doctors are using BMI for diagnosis and estimating the prognosis of a patient. However, BMI has its own shortcomings. It cannot be relied upon in an athlete or elderly. As BMI is dependent on height and weight, it may erroneously calculate a high BMI for an athlete having more muscle bulk and low BMI for an elderly having less lean muscles.

How you can use BMI in reduction of your weight? First of all you have to get the ideal BMI. Take realistic steps like diet control and regular exercises to reduce weight. The target for losing weight should ideally be 500 grams to 1 kilo per week. And always consult your doctor before jumping into conclusion. Calculate your BMI ever week to see the difference.

Also you can calculate your BMI on your home page.

Weight loss exercises

weight lossLosing weight through exercises is the most novel way of shedding your unwanted pounds. In most of the cases it works in such a way that all of our body parts start losing excess fat. With a well planned weight loss exercise schedule, you can lose 2 pounds of weight each week. The thing you will require most is determination. There is no point in a crash course on exercise program.

There are two types of weight loss exercises – aerobic (isotonic) and isometric exercise. In our regular workout program, mainly we do aerobic exercises. It is also called Cardio exercises. This is a form of exercise that helps to optimally utilize oxygen in the metabolic processes of our body. In an indoor setup, treadmill, static bicycle, rower, abdominal sit-up, stairmaster are the examples of aerobic exercise. In outdoor, you can go for brisk walking, jogging, cross-country racing, cycling etc. Aerobic exercises helps in the chemical processes of energy generation in most of the organs, mainly in the muscles, liver, heart and lungs. The heart rate becomes even and blood circulation in the body parts increases. The blood flow will flush out excess fat from inside your body. In the long run, aerobic exercise will boost your stamina of taking up harder works. Aerobic exercise will tone up your body and confer a better shape. It also elevates the mood as well as banishes anxiety and depression. In any aerobic exercise, the muscle tone remains normal. Only the muscle length is increased to help in the workout. No aerobic exercise will help you to develop a muscular body. Therefore, you need isometric exercises.

Isometric exercise incorporates working out with weight. Lifting weight will stretch the muscles. Doing so, an impulse is generated in the muscle fibers. As you continue weight training with heavier weights, the muscle mass will increase to help you for easy lifting. It is not recommended to start with a heavier load in the bars. You must begin with such a load that you can easily lift. Over a time schedule, you should increase the amount of weight. The isometric exercise should focus all parts of your body muscle. Try starting from biceps and triceps to end up in the leg muscles. Keep a timetable for working out for every part of muscles.

It is mandatory to ‘warm up’ before you start any kind of exercise. It is also necessary to ‘cool down’ after each weight loss exercise program. Otherwise, muscle cramps are very common.

The main drawback for a weight loss exercise program is the monotony involved in it. The determination and variety in exercise regimen can be the solution for it. Try doing things that you like most. Invite your friends to join you. Another thing you should know is when you must stop. If you feel that the weight loss exercise you are doing is badly affecting your health, stop doing at once and consult your doctor.

No weight loss program involving exercise only is self sufficient. A balanced and healthy diet plan, together with the right exercise protocol is the key to the success.

Weight loss pills

In these modern days, every problem has its own ‘pill’. If we want to lose some weight, there are weight loss pills also. The temptation of losing weight through pills is simply irresistible. But do they really work? Can we lose weight only taking some pills after continuing our regular lifestyle? Well, the answer is yes. You can definitely lose weight by taking weight loss pills.

In a study, it was found that in the US alone, more than 100 Million people are undergoing some kind of weight loss regimen. As you have landed into this page, many others have already inclined to the easiest and one of the safest weight loss programs – shedding some calorie through weight loss pills.

The best way to choose a weight loss pill is to look into the compositions. They should be all natural products and have no or less side-effects. An ideal weight loss pill should suppress appetite and provide the required amount of nutrition.

Most of the weight loss pills are a concoction of different kinds of medicinal herbs, vitamins, minerals and additives like diuretics and laxatives. Chitosan is the commonest preparation used. It blocks the absorption of dietary fat and helps into excretion through stool. But in the long run, Chitosan can cause constipation. Ephedra, the habit forming drug, is another popular ingredient. It decreases appetite through down regulating the appetite center in the central nervous system. But it has enough side effects like high blood pressure, irregular heart rate, heart attacks, and seizures. Therefore, Ephedra has been banned in most of the countries throughout the world. Green tea extract,which is used in the weight loss pills potentiates fat metabolism in our body in different organs. It also reduces appetite much in the same way ephedra does. An essential fatty acid – Linoleic acid is used in most of the weight loss pills. It unfolds the polyunsaturated fatty acids to monounsaturated fatty acid. The later component is beneficial for eliminating cholesterol from our body. Linoleic acid also helps in building muscles. Licorice, although potentially safe, is another popular ingredient for weight loss pills. It can cause constipation as well.

Many manufacturers prepare a weight loss pill depending upon evidence based medicines. They set the quantity of the ingredient according to their choice. These ingredients are – bitter orange, bean pod, chromium, carraluma, chromium, DHEA, Glucomannan, guggulu, soy protein, magnolia etc.

But there is much scam in this segment. Since October 22, 2008, the United States Food and Drug Association have blacklisted 69 different weight loss pills available in the market. They have issued notices to the consumers to take these preparations at their own risk owing to the potential health related problems. Drug analysis showed that these tainted medications contain Rimonabant (a weight loss preparation not approved by FDA), Bumetanide (a compound to produce more urine), phenytoin (an anti-epileptic medicine) and Phenolphthalein (potentially cancer causing drug).

You have to remember that weight loss pills are no shortcut. You must allow considerable time to notice a change. Any comprehensive weight loss program should advocate some amount of exercises. Otherwise, you will lose weight initially. But just after a couple of years, you will return from where you have started.

Weight loss diet

dietSo you want to lose some weight through a diet plan? Of course you have taken the right decision. There is no point undergoing a crash dieting program. Only minor changes in your regular diet habit can make the trick. We call it a weight loss diet plan. Let us discuss in detail what it is and how it works.

Weight loss diet is a natural way to reduce weight. You can make a pretty simple calculation of the amount of calorie you take in a day. Ideally a healthy adult male should take 2500 cal in a day and it is 2000 cal for a woman. In a weight loss diet plan, your amount of calorie intake should be less than that. Further, you need to restrict a number of food items that are the main source of calorie.

You should drink plenty of water. Fresh fruit and 100% natural fruit juice can kill your appetite but offers less amount of calorie. Fiber rich foods like whole grain flour (instead of polished white flour), brown sugar (instead of polished sugar), corn flour, oatmeal, toned milk should be added to your diet. Whole grain foods not only give you required amount of calorie, but it helps in the digestion also. Bowel movement becomes even and there is less chance of constipation. Another important function of whole grain food is to reduce cholesterol, particularly oatmeal. It has certain elements that bind cholesterol chemically and carry away from the body. Plan your diet in such a way that you get maximum calorie from your breakfast. It is said for a healthy diet that ‘you should take breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a beggar’. As you prepare for a hectic day in your office, most of the calorie should come from the breakfast. Lunch should be moderate. Dinner should provide least calorie as all you do after that is to retire for the day. Eat fresh vegetables as much as you can. Boiling, broiling are better options than frying.

The foods you must avoid are ‘convenient foods’. In this jet paced society, we are gradually but definitely inclining to such foods that are easier to prepare and consume less amount of time. But most of these foods are not favorable for our health. Instant foods, burgers, hot dogs, pizzas – all of them are very much palatable; but they contain much calorie, mainly in the form of fat. This fat accumulates inside our body and is stored in various organs. Tea, coffee and alcohol are to be avoided as much as possible. Most of the Western diet patterns are full of proteins also. This goes against the weight loss diet plan again. A healthy balanced diet is all you need for a comprehensive weight loss program.

For all practical purposes, a weight loss diet should accompany some exercises. Simple free hand exercises, walking, jogging, swimming are sufficient. You don’t need to go for purchasing a multi-gym for reducing weight.

You must remember that losing weight only through precise diet program will not come in a day. Moreover, it requires perseverance from your mind to carry on the diet program. You can expect a considerable result only after a couple of months.