November 29, 2011

How to Keep Fit with Fitness Program

keep fitA fitness program is a specially designed physical exercise plan combined with the proper diet and betterment of psychological state. As one can well guess from the name itself, any fitness program primarily concentrates over the physical wellbeing. Only a healthy body can accommodate a healthy brain. Therefore, it is essential for our body to remain at a high standard to keep all the problems away.

Everybody loves beauty. Perfectly shaped abs, curved waistline and a feminine shoulder is the dream of everybody who worships the beauty. Silky hair, beautiful smile, and milk white teeth; can you ever imagine any gorgeous woman excepting this? Models do achieve that and that too after a hard toil. But it is not necessary that you cannot reach to that level of magnificence. There are friends out here in the internet who can lend a helping hand. The Fitness Model Program is here.

This is a fitness program, scientifically designed to trim down your extra pad of fat. It will also tone up the muscles to a level that will make you attractive. This fitness program is different from other regular weight loss programs. It is approved by the renowned female fitness magazines and eminent physical trainers. The program is also backed by thousands of satisfied users worldwide.

What makes it a grand success is simplicity of the program. We often give up physical exercise program owing to hardship. But this is a unique program and does not warrant hours of training in the multi-gym. Only a few minutes in the gym, 4-6 times a week is more than sufficient for Fitness Model Program to work in a proper way. This is not a bodybuilding program for the ladies and if you are trying to be female Sylvester Stallone, this program will not work for you. Fitness Model Program is meant to lose your body fat and cellulite to that extent, which will make you beautiful, feminine and no doubt more provocative. There is also absolutely no requirement to buy expensive gym equipments or engage a physical trainer. The Fitness Model Program will take care of all these. You only require 5 small, easy to use pieces of equipment. All these are delivered at your doorstep, no need to take a cross country journey to attend in a physical training camp.

Another scary thing that is associated with any kind of fitness program is dieting. The mentor of the program will tell you how to reduce your food intake, what kind of foods you will never be allowed to have and why you can bear no affinity with the foods that you were always prefer. But the thing is not like this with Fitness Model Program. Here you will be never advised to cut down the food intake. Rather, you will be encouraged to increase the amount of your daily calorie quota. You will see how the love handles are vanishing even though you are having those delicious foods you ever longed for.

The Fitness Model Program will help you in successive reduction in your weight. It will shape you in such a way that you will become more attractive which can be noticed by your near and dear ones.

One exercise routine

routineSo here are a few suggestions for some exercises you can do at home. The best part about exercising at home is that you can do these exercises even while you watch television. No need to give up your favorite programs to get active, just get on the floor and try this workout:

• Jumping Jacks – 1 minute
• Squats – 15 to 20 times

• Push-Ups – As many as you can
• Jog in place making your foot hit your butt – 1 minute
• Superman – lay flat on the floor on stomach with hands stretched out to the side. Lift legs and chest off the floor and hold for 30 second – 15 to 20 times
• High Knees – jog in place lifting your knees as high as you can – 1 minute
• Lunges – feet flat on the floor, step forward with alternating feet – 15 to 20 times
• Torso Rotation/Twists – 20 times each direction
• Side Bends/Reaches – 20 times each direction
• Wall Sit – Squat against a wall with your back flat on the wall – sit as long as you can hold it
And that’s it! Do this every day and feel the benefits.


Need some more exercises? No problem! Here are three exercises that can be used to tighten thighs, buttocks, and stomach areas.

• Outer Thigh Lift – Lying on your right side with your hips and ankles in line with your shoulders, slowly lift your leg as high as possible, hold, then return to starting position. Do 10 repetitions and then switch sides.

• Inner Thigh Lift – Lie on your left side with your hips and ankles in line with your shoulders, and your right knee bent at a 90 degree angle. Slowly lift your left leg as high as possible, hold, then return to starting position. Do 10 repetitions and then switch sides.

• Abdominal Crunches – Lying on your back with your knees bent and your hands behind your head, slowly curl your shoulders up putting your chin to your chest. Pause then slowly return to starting position. Do 10 repetitions of these.

Of course, these are toning exercises that will help target problem areas. One problem area many women have is cellulite in the thigh area and other places. Here are some exercises to perform that will help those cellulite areas.


Lying on your side, do 10 repetitions of each of the following exercises:

• Bring both knees forward so your hips are at a 90 degree angle. Straighten your top leg out in front of you while maintaining the 90 degree hip placement. Lift the top leg slowly up about three feet off the ground and then lower.
• Straighten both legs so your body is in a straight line. Tilt your hips forward slightly. Lift your top leg about three feet off the ground then lower.
• Put your top leg out in front of you on the ground. Move your bottom leg forward slightly. Lift the bottom leg 8-12 inches off the ground and down.
• Repeat all three exercises on the other side.

On your elbows and knees, do 10 repetitions of each of the following exercises:

• Extend one leg straight back with your toe on the ground. Lift that leg up to the ceiling and then back down. Switch legs.

• Lift your knee off the floor. Extend that same heel back and up so that your leg is pointing toward the ceiling and then bring the knee back into you. Switch legs.
From a standing position, do 10 repetitions of the following exercises:
• Start with your feet together. Step out in front of you in a lunge position. Touch the ground with the opposite hand. Come back up and step to the starting position. Switch legs.
• Put one foot on a step or prop that is 12-18 inches high. Slowly step up and down with the other foot. Switch legs.

You can increase the intensity of this workout by going through it more than once or increasing the amount of repetitions.